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    Before You Configure the SRC VTA

    Because the SRC VTA relies on other components in the SRC network, you must complete several tasks before you configure the SRC VTA.

    Before you configure the SRC, you must complete the following tasks:

    1. Deploy a working SRC network.

      To support the SRC VTA, you must install SAEs to manage the routers or other devices through which subscribers connect to the network.

      See Configuring the SAE (SRC CLI).

    2. Configure the SRC Web application server.

      See Configuring the Web Application Server (SRC CLI).

    3. (Optional) Configure a NIC that identifies the SAE reference for each subscriber type. You need to complete this task only if your configuration requires a NIC—for example, if an event handler action affects more than just the current subscriber described by an event.

      See Configuring a NIC for the SRC VTA (SRC CLI).

    4. (Optional) Create the Java scripts that the SRC VTA invokes.
    5. On a separate host, install a relational database to store the data that the SRC VTA tracks. You must have the database server running, and then you must create the SRC VTA database within your database server.

      See, Configuring a Database to Store Account and Session Data (SRC CLI).

    6. To allow the SRC Web application server to connect to your external database, copy the JDBC driver .jar file for your database server brand and version to the /opt/UMC/appsvr/common/lib directory on every system running the SRC VTA.

      See Installing the JDBC Driver .jar File.

    7. Configure the associated services and policies.

      See Configuring SRC VTA Services and Policies.

    8. Configure your subscribers and subscriptions.

      See Configuring Subscribers and Subscriptions to SRC VTA Services.

    9. Configure the SAE to send tracking events to the SRC VTA.

      See Configuring the SAE to Send Tracking Events to the SRC VTA (SRC CLI).

    Modified: 2016-12-29