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    Configuring the SRC Software to Use an External Policy Management System (SRC CLI)

    In SRC Release 4.0.0 and greater, you can use an external policy management system and have the SAE manage SAE services for subscriber sessions activated on a JunosE interface. In these cases, you do not configure default policies to be installed on the router.

    To use an external policy management system with the SRC software:

    1. Configure an empty policy group.
      1. From configuration mode, create a policy group named empty.
        user@host# edit policies group empty
      2. Add a description for the empty policy group.
        [edit policies group empty]user@host# set description “This is an empty policy group to allow policy management by an external policy management system.”
    2. Configure interface classification to reference the empty policy group:

      1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statements that configure and interface classifier for a JunosE device. This procedure uses junose-device–1 as the name of the router.
        user@host# edit shared network device junose-device-1 interface-classifier
      2. Configure a rule to reference the empty policy group.
        [shared network device junose-device-1 interface-classifier]user@host# set rule empty

    Note: Do not create lists in an empty policy group. A policy group is an empty policy group because it does not have any content.

    Modified: 2016-12-29