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    Configuring the SRC Software

    To configure the software on a C Series Controller:

    1. Review the configuration by running the show configuration command in operation mode.
      user@host> show configuration
      system { 
        host-name my-host;
        domain-search [ ];
        name-server [ ];
        time-zone America/New_York;
        services { 
          ssh { 
            root-login allow;
      . . .

      Make any updates needed to the initial configuration.

    2. If the password for the root user was not changed from the default value, change it now.
      root@host> set cli password

      Do not use the root account for normal operation.

    3. If the time zone is not set to the time zone where the system resides, set the time zone.

      See Setting the Time Zone (SRC CLI).

    4. Configure NTP.

      See Configuring NTP on a C Series Controller.

    5. Complete the configuration of the Juniper Networks database, and load sample data.

      See Juniper Networks Database Overview.

      If the Juniper Networks database is configured to run in community mode, the admin account already exists.

    6. Configure remote access to other interfaces.

      See External Interfaces on a C Series Controller Overview, Configuring Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces for IPv4 (SRC CLI), Configuring Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces for IPv6 (SRC CLI).

    7. Configure static routes to networks that contain devices to be managed by the SRC software.

      See Configuring a Static Route to Devices on Other Networks (SRC CLI).

    8. (Optional) Configure other external access to the C Series Controller and secure communications to remote hosts.

      See Securing Connections Between a C Series Controller and Remote Hosts, Configuring a C Series Controller to Accept SSH Connections (SRC CLI), Configuring a C Series Controller to Accept Telnet Connections (SRC CLI).

    9. (Optional) Configure the system log server.

      See C Series Controller Log Server Overview.

    10. (Optional) Configure user accounts.

      See SRC User Accounts Overview.

    11. Configure components.

      See Configuring SRC Components.

    Modified: 2016-12-29