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Verifying Configuration for the Redirect Server (SRC CLI)


Verify the configuration for the redirect server.


At the [edit redirect-server] hierarchy level, enter the show command:

[edit redirect-server]
user@host# show
client-burst-size 5000;
client-rate 3000;
https { 
  certificate-identifier certificate1;
  port 8443;
  protocol TLSv1;
ip-redirect { 
  https_port 443;
  port 80;
ipv6-redirect { 
  https { 
    certificate-identifier certificate2;
    port 8600;
    protocol TLSv1;
  tcp-port 8900;
refresh-document etc/refresh.html;
request-burst-size 18000;
request-rate 12000;
tcp-port 8800;

Related Documentation

Modified: 2017-08-03