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Resolved Problems

This section lists known problems that have been resolved in the current release. For more information about resolved problems, contact JTAC.

For the most complete and latest information about resolved issues, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.


  • When services are modified through DSA, SRC’s Gy sends CCR-I message instead of CCR-U message to the OCS. PR1097134


  • The SRC software supports VSA definitions only in the format Vendor-Specific.4874.<vsa#>.<type>, even though the SRC software accepts other formats too. PR939170
  • When you load backup configuration from XML or text file by using the load replace command, the CLI displays a null pointer exception because of the new logrotate files added in the SRC Release 4.8.0. The load merge and load override commands load the backup configuration without any error. PR1039688
  • When the request system snapshot command is executed, no success messages are getting displayed in the CLI on the successful snapshot creation. PR1180955
  • While executing the request system ldap data import command, the CLI sometimes displays string formatting error. PR1184262
  • Changes to the existing configurations of bond interface are not taking effect even though the configurations are committed successfully in the CLI. PR1184724
  • Config-remover does not remove UMCssr logrotate configurations. PR1184257

Gx Router Driver (Services Control Gateway)

  • Subscriber classification based on interface name is not supported for IPv6 subscribers of Services Control Gateway. PR1098522


  • LDAP connection is getting timed out while importing LDIF files. PR1184625
  • While importing LDIF files, NIC scenarios containing ssr-client agents exist in LDAP. PR1184255


  • The show sae drivers device-name command displays the number of junos-ise devices that are not currently connected. PR904065
  • SAE RADIUS local address and SAE real portal address are not getting updated properly after installing the SRC Release 4.8.0. As a workaround, you must manually configure these attributes. PR1039725

Modified: 2017-08-06