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    Collecting Data with the Activity Monitor (SRC CLI)

    You can collect data with the Activity Monitor for specific components over a specified time and save them to a tar.gz file in the /opt/UMC/activity/var/diagnostic/* directory. You can view the exact file name and path after you execute the request support information command. Before you perform data collection with the Activity Monitor, make sure the filter for the specific components is enabled.

    To perform data collection with the Activity Monitor:

    • user@host> request support information
      Some of the information retrieved includes:
      • System log messages from the /var/log/messages/* directory.
      • The configuration in text format, XML format, and set format.
      • The hostname in the name of the diagnostic file.

    To perform data collection for specific components:

    • user@host> request support information component

      where component is one of the following:

      • acp—SRC Admission Control Plug-In
      • activity—Activity Monitor
      • agent—SNMP agent
      • appsvr—Application server
      • cli—SRC CLI
      • diameter—Diameter application
      • dsa—Dynamic Service Activator
      • extsubmon—External Subscriber Monitor
      • ims—IP multimedia subsystem
      • jdb—Juniper Networks database
      • jps—Juniper Policy Server
      • licSvr—License server
      • nic—Network information collector
      • redir—Redirect server
      • sae—SAE
      • webadm—C-Web interface

    To perform data collection for a specified number of days:

    • user@host> request support information days
      where days is in the range of 1–36500.

    Modified: 2015-06-24