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    Creating a Snapshot of qcow2 Image

    You can create and maintain one or more snapshots of the qcow2 image to serve as a backup.

    To create a snapshot of the qcow2 image:

    • Execute the script from the path where the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz is extracted.

      The script asks for the name of the virtualized SRC instance and the path where you want to store the snapshot.

      user@host>cd <sdk_root_folder>/SDK/vSRC/
      Enter the name of the VM : VM-name 
      Enter the path to store backup image : storage-path
      Domain snapshot qcow2-snap created
      sending incremental file list
             7.35G 100%  150.51MB/s    0:00:46 (xfer#1, to-check=0/1)
      sent 7.35G bytes  received 31 bytes  158.09M bytes/sec
      total size is 7.35G  speedup is 1.00
      Snapshot is created successfully and placed in backup location
      Domain lvm3 defined from ./lvm3.xml

    Note: Before creating the snapshot of the qcow2 image, make sure that the hard disk free space is double the size of the qcow2 image. Otherwise, the script displays an error message.

    The virtual machine gets paused while creating snapshots. We recommend you to disable the Juniper Networks database (jdb component) and components involved in service activities during snapshot creation.

    Modified: 2016-05-09