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    Connecting to a Serial Console Using IPMI Serial over LAN (SOL) (SRC CLI)

    IPMI SOL enables a remote user to monitor and manage a C Series Controller through a serial console by means of an IPMI session. IPMI SOL redirects the C Series Controller's serial port input and output over IP. To connect to a remote serial console using IPMI SOL, the remote system must have IPMI configured. Only one IPMI SOL connection is allowed per IPMI interface.

    Note: On C3000 and C5000 Controllers, the IPMI SOL connection overrides the serial connection available on the front panel. Therefore, if you have a terminal directly connected through the serial port, then IPMI SOL disconnects that terminal and takes over the connection.

    To connect to a serial host using IPMI SOL:

    • From operational mode, enter the ipmisol open command to connect to a serial console.

      Note: The ipmisol open command is not supported, if the SRC software is deployed as a virtual machine.

      user@host>ipmisol open host host user user
      • host—IP address of the remote host IPMI interface.
      • user—IPMI username configured in the remote host.

      For example:

      user@host>ipmisol open host user johndoe

    To exit the current IPMI SOL session, enter ~.

    Note: ~ is the default escape sequence for SSH, which means it may terminate the SSH CLI session instead of terminating the IPMI SOL session. We recommend that you use either an SSH client that does not use this escape sequence, or the command-line option -e to specify an alternative escape character (see the documentation of your SSH client).

    Modified: 2015-06-17