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    Cutting and Pasting Configuration Information at the SRC CLI

    You can also create a configuration by cutting and pasting existing portions of the configuration. You can copy configuration text from another source or from another part of the configuration to a new location. Use the cut and paste functions for your windowing system, such as X Windows.

    You can also create a configuration while typing at the terminal and then load it. Loading a configuration from the terminal is generally useful when you are cutting existing portions of the configuration and pasting them elsewhere in the configuration.

    To load a configuration from the text that you type at the terminal:

    • In configuration mode, specify the load (merge | override | replace | set) terminal command. For example:
      user@host# load merge terminal

      Copy and paste configuration text from another source, such as the output of the show command for a configuration. Press Ctrl+D to end terminal input and load the configuration.


    Modified: 2012-07-20