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    Configuring the External Database

    This section describes how to configure an external database to store SRC VTA account and session data.

    1. Configuring a Database to Store Account and Session Data (SRC CLI)
    2. Installing the JDBC Driver .jar File

    Configuring a Database to Store Account and Session Data (SRC CLI)

    The SRC VTA requires a relational database to store accounts and session data. You must create this database on a separate, non-SRC machine before you can run the SRC VTA. For information about databases that we have tested for use with the SRC VTA, see the SRC Release Notes.

    For each SRC VTA instance, you need to create a database that uses the schema for the SRC VTA. To configure a database:

    1. From any C Series Controller running SRC software release 4.2.x or later, navigate to the /opt/UMC/vta/database/ directory and copy the appropriate SRC VTA schema file and save it on your external database machine. We provide the following schema files:
      • /opt/UMC/vta/database/vta-database-oracle.sql
      • /opt/UMC/vta/database/vta-database-mysql.sql

      These files contain the SQL statements that you must execute to create a database in either a MySQL or Oracle database server. These files are examples that show the required database schema (in the file for MySQL, you must modify the database username and password before you can execute the SQL statements). If you have a different type of database, you can use these files as a reference on how to create a database with the same schema as is described in these two files.

    2. Configure access to the database for an administrator by using the SRC VTA to monitor and manage subscribers. Edit the following options in the file as required for your external database:
      • SRC VTA database name
      • Username
      • Password
    3. Use your standard mechanism to execute the SQL statements contained in the file. This creates a database inside your database server, with the schema needed by the SRC VTA.

      Note: If the provided file does not contain SQL sufficient to create a database inside your database server, you must create the database manually. Use the provided file as a reference to understand the exact schema required by the SRC VTA

    Installing the JDBC Driver .jar File

    To allow the SRC Web application server to connect to your external database, you need to copy the JDBC driver .jar file for your database server brand and version to every system running the SRC VTA.

    1. Obtain the relevant .jar file that contains the JDBC driver for your particular database server brand and version.
    2. Copy the file to the /opt/UMC/appsvr/common/lib directory on every system running the SRC VTA. You can use the SRC CLI “file” commands, FTP, or SCP to copy the file.
    3. Restart the Web application server on each SRC system.
      user@host> restart component appsvr

    Modified: 2012-12-13