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    Configuring the Authentication Target Used by the SIC Server (SRC CLI)

    The authentication target is a defined network element target that can then be assigned to an authentication route. It refers to a downstream RADIUS AAA server. You must specify a previously configured downstream RADIUS network element name.

    Use the following statements to configure the authentication target for the SIC group:

    shared sic group identifier server identifier authentication-route id target {network-element network-element;

    To configure the authentication route target used by the SIC server:

    1. From configuration mode, access the statement that configures the authentication route target. For example, to configure an authentication route called aaa-route2 for the SIC group group2 and server svr2:
      [edit]user@host# edit shared sic group group2 server svr2 authentication-route aaa-route2
    2. Specify the name of the previously configured downstream network element you want to use as the authentication target. For example, to configure the preconfigured network element called ne2 as the authentication target:
      [edit shared sic group group2 server svr2 authentication-route aaa-route2]user@host# set network-element ne2

    Modified: 2016-05-19