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    Setting the Action for a Service Schedule (SRC CLI)

    Use the following configuration statements to configure the list of actions for the service schedule:

    schedule name event name action name {type (activate | deactivate | deny | deny-deactivate); service service; }

    To configure the actions:

    1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the service schedule for the objects for which you can create a service schedule. Enter a name for the event and the action. The specified name is not stored as an identifier, so the arbitrary value can be as simple as a number.
    2. Specify the type of action. The deny and the deny-deactivate values apply only to services that have an authorization plug-in configured. For more information, see Associating the Authorization Plug-In with a Scheduled Service (SRC CLI).
      user@host# set type (activate | deactivate | deny | deny-deactivate)
    3. Specify the name of the service.
      user@host# set service service
    4. (Optional) Specify substitutions to be used when the service is activated. Substitutions apply only to service activations.
      user@host# set substitution [substitution...]

      For more information, see the activateService method of the SAE external interface in the SAE CORBA remote API documentation on the Juniper Networks website at

      For more information about substitutions and schedules, see Example: Configuring Different Service Tiers for Different Days (SRC CLI).

      For information about the syntax for substitutions, see Parameters and Substitutions.

    Modified: 2015-06-19