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    Configuring PTSP Policies (SRC CLI)

    The role of the policy list for the PTSP device driver must be set to junos-ptsp. The policy list must be configured to contain the rule of type ptsp-service-rule. A ptsp-service-rule object can contain one or more traffic-conditions and any number of actions (filter, policer-ref, forwarding-class, forwarding-instance). Each traffic-condition is translated to the PTSP policy template using the same action variables defined in the policy rule.

    Before you configure PTSP policies, review the information about configuring and managing policies:

    To configure PTSP policies:

    1. Create a policy group.

      See Configuring Policy Groups (SRC CLI).

    2. Configure the policy list and set the role of the list to junos-ptsp and the applicability to both.

      See Configuring PTSP Policy Lists (SRC CLI).

    3. Configure the PTSP policer instance.

      See Configuring the PTSP Policer Instance (SRC CLI).

    4. Configure the PTSP policy rule and set the rule type to ptsp-service-rule or ptsp-subscriber-profile.

      See Configuring PTSP Policy Rules (SRC CLI).

    5. Configure the PTSP classify-traffic conditions.

      See Configuring PTSP Classify-Traffic Conditions (SRC CLI).

    6. Configure the PTSP actions.

      See Configuring PTSP Actions.

    Modified: 2016-04-27