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    Configuring Classify-Traffic Conditions (SRC CLI)

    You create classify-traffic conditions in JunosE policy rules, in Junos OS ASP and Junos OS filter policy rules, and in PCMM policy rules.

    The available configuration statements change depending on the type of policy rule that holds the condition and on the type of protocol that you specify.

    To configure a classify-traffic condition, do the following:

    1. Create a classify-traffic condition.
    2. Configure source networks. You can configure source networks in one of two formats.
    3. Configure destination networks. You can configure destination networks in one of two formats.
    4. Configure protocol conditions. The type of protocol condition that you use depends on your configuration.
    5. For Junos OS filter policies, configure a Junos OS filter condition. See:
    6. For JunosE parent—group reference policies, configure a JunosE filter condition. See:

      Configuring JunosE Parent-Group References (SRC CLI)

    7. For JunosE secondary input policies, configure a traffic match condition for the packet flow. See:
    8. For the stateful firewall and NAT policies, configure an application protocol condition. See:

    Note: PCMM classifiers support only the following classifiers:

    • Source and destination IP addresses
    • Network protocol
    • Source or destination port
    • Type-of-service (ToS) byte and ToS mask

    The policy engine ignores all other values.

    Modified: 2012-05-02