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    Disabling a Schedule for a Service in Enterprise Manager Portal

    When you disable a schedule for a subscription, the service remains in the same state as when the schedule was disabled. For example, if the service is inactive at the time the schedule is removed, the service remains inactive. This state can be different from the one indicated by the Enabled check box. After disabling a schedule for a service, ensure that the status of the service is the same as indicated by the Enabled check box.

    To disable a schedule for a service:

    1. In the navigation pane of Enterprise Manager Portal, click the subscriber for whom you want to remove a schedule that is assigned to a service, and then click the Bandwidth & VPNs (or Bandwidth) or Firewall tab.
    2. On the line for the service select No Schedule, and then in the last column click the Status link.
    3. On the Subscription Status page, check the status of the sessions listed. If a session status is different from what it should be—for example if it is inactive instead of active—click Fix Problems to activate or deactivate the session.

      See Monitoring the Status of Subscriptions.

    Modified: 2014-06-10