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    Outgoing Traffic Fields for NAT Addressing in Enterprise Manager Portal

    Use fields in this topic to configure NAT addressing for outgoing traffic.

    Address Range

    • Contiguous range of public IP addresses to which the source addresses of clients in the enterprise are translated.
    • Value—Public IP addresses
    • Guidelines—Select the starting and ending IP addresses in the From and To menus. For one IP address, select the same address in the From and To menus.
    • Default—No value

    Port Range

    • Range of ports that are used as the source ports in outgoing IP packets after the NAT translation.
    • Value—Integers in the range 0–65535
    • Guidelines—Specify the starting and ending port numbers in the From and To fields. Be sure to use a port range big enough to allow all the private addresses to share the limited set of public addresses. To specify all ports in the range 1024–65535, leave these fields empty.
    • Default—No value


    • Whether or not the router applies NAT to outgoing traffic on this access.
    • Value
      • Enabled—Checked box
      • Disabled—White box
    • Default—Disabled

    Modified: 2009-04-20