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    SRC License Server Redundancy

    When a primary SAE becomes unavailable, the secondary SAE issues a request to take over the service sessions from the primary SAE. Because the license server keeps track of granted license units by associating them with virtual routers, the secondary SAE is always granted license units for the same virtual routers that the primary SAE has been managing.

    If an SAE loses connectivity to the license server, the SAE continues to grant licenses up to the maximum number of licenses configured for the license server for up to 14 days. Subscribers connecting to the SAE should see no service disruption.

    When the SAE has access to the license server again, the total number of licenses in use is evaluated. License grants are made on a first-come first-served basis, with SAEs being granted licenses within the license limit:

    • If the total number of licenses in use is lower than the licenses limit, all SAEs continue operating in the same manner as before the outage.
    • If the total number of licenses in use is higher than the license limit, an SAE does not receive new license grants if it asks to renew its licenses. Each SAE continues to grant service sessions within the licenses currently owned. The SAE does not terminate any active sessions.

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    Modified: 2012-11-23