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    SRC Product Description

    The Juniper Networks C2000, C3000, C4000, and C5000 systems, collectively referred to as C Series Controllers, are self-contained units with known capacity designed to optimize delivery of the features in the Juniper Networks Session and Resource Control (SRC) software. The model in use determines the number of service session licenses and concurrent subscribers allowed.

    The SRC software is a robust, customizable product that allows a service provider's customers to dynamically activate SAE services in real time. Consequently, service providers can instantly realize gains in revenue without significant effort from sales, operations, and provisioning teams.

    By using the SRC software, service providers can rapidly create and deploy many new SAE services to hundreds of thousands of business and residential subscribers. These Internet services, such as video on demand, IP television, or integrated voice and data, are offered over a variety of broadband access technologies, such as wireless Internet service provider roaming (WISPr), wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) 802.11, digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, Ethernet, asynchronous transport mode (ATM), Frame Relay, SONET, and fixed wireless.

    The SRC software offers a service-optimized architecture, which ensures quick time to revenue, flexible subscriber service management, and reliable service delivery. The management products use a modular design, which gives service providers the ability to select the components that meet their network requirements and business needs.

    The SRC software can manage policies on Juniper Networks routers and cable modem termination system (CMTS) devices and can activate policies on other systems to provide end-to-end service quality.

    The SRC software is designed to simplify the three major steps in the IP service life-cycle process:

    1. Creating innovative, revenue-generating services
    2. Delivering numerous on-demand services to subscribers
    3. Tracking services with intelligent accounting applications

    Figure 1 illustrates how the SRC software manages routers running JunosE and Junos OS in an SRC network.

    Figure 1: SRC Network with C Series Controllers

    SRC Network with C Series Controllers

    In addition, the SRC software can be used in a PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) environment to simplify other management tasks, such as:

    1. Creating end-to-end service quality for subscribers in a PCMM environment
    2. Marking traffic forwarded from specified systems, such as video servers

    In general, service offerings supported by the SRC can be used in a cable environment.

    Figure 2 illustrates how the SRC software can be used in a PCMM environment to manage routers running JunosE or Junos OS, and CMTS devices. The SRC software can use the Juniper Policy Server as shown in Figure 2, or a policy server embedded in the SAE.

    Figure 2: SRC-Managed PCMM Network

    SRC-Managed PCMM Network

    Modified: 2014-12-04