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Release Highlights

Highlights include the following product enhancements:

Note: The SRC software runs as VMs and runs on C Series Controllers—a range of hardware platforms. The SRC 4.10.0 software contains the features found in the SRC 4.9.0 release plus the features listed in this section. The SRC 4.10.0 software may contain references to the service activation engine (SAE) Release version 7.16.0. SRC 4.10.0 software does not run on the discontinued C2000 and C4000 controllers because of hardware incompatibility.

Support for Creating a Virtualized SRC Instance on a VMware Hypervisor

The SRC software enables you to create a virtualized SRC instance on a VMware hypervisor by using the newly introduced Virtual Machine Disk (vmdk) image or the existing iso image. vmdk is a file format that describes containers for virtual hard disk drives to be used in VMware virtual machines. The vmdk image shipped with the SRC software is of the monolithicSparse type, and the image has been tested with monolithicSparse and monolithicFlat types. If you are using VMware ESXi, either the iso image or the vmdk image of monolithicFlat type must be used. To convert the monolithicSparse type to the MonolithicFlat type, use the qemu-img convert -f vmdk vmdk-file-name-MonolithicSparse -O vmdk output-file-name -o subformat={ monolithicFlat } command. To use this command, you must have the qemu-img tool installed in your system.

The SRC software installation is currently supported and tested on the VMware Workstation 12 Player, VMware Workstation 12 Pro, and VMware ESXi 5.5.0.

Support for Creating Multiple Snapshots of the System Software

The SRC software enables you to create and maintain multiple snapshots of the system software by using the existing request system snapshot command. The request system delete command is newly introduced to delete a specific snapshot from the available snapshots. The SRC 4.10.0 software also enables you to create and maintain one or more snapshots of the qcow2 image that is used for creating a virtualized SRC instance. You can use the newly introduced script to create a snapshot of the qcow2 image.

Monitoring DHCP Traffic Using Monitoring Agent in SRC

The SRC software now supports monitoring of DHCP traffic using Monitoring Agent.

The capture-devices option is newly introduced in the slot number external-subscriber-monitor command to configure the network interfaces on which the DHCP packets need to be captured.

You can now use the newly introduced slot number external-subscriber-monitor dhcp configuration statement to enable the DHCP support and packet-forwarding to an event-handler.

SNMP Support for Diameter Component

A new Juniper-SDX-DIAMETER-MIB file has been added to allow you to monitor the statistics and status of Diameter component by querying the MIBs.

Gx Parameter Substitution Support

The SRC software now provides the substitution support for Gx attributes. The parameter support is added with static and dynamic PCC rules for Gx policies. Additionally, service substitutions are made available with activation attributes (such as, serviceIdentifier, ratingGroup, grantTotalOctets, grantOutOctets, and grantInOctets) through DSA or invocation of SAE core APIs.

Removal of SSR from SRC Software

The SSR component has been removed from the SRC software.

Modified: 2016-06-03