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Sky Enterprise Manual Provisioning Quick Start Guide


Follow the instructions in this Quick Start guide to manually provision Juniper Networks devices with Sky Enterprise.

At your remote location:

  1. Unpack and power on your Juniper Networks device.
  2. Connect a port to the Internet gateway.
  3. Ensure that the Internet gateway provides the DHCP address and DNS server information for your device.
  4. Call your Sky Enterprise administrator who manages your devices and provide the following:
    • Serial number on your device.

    • Name of the site where the device is installed.

    You will receive an e-mail with a configuration snippet from your administrator.

  5. Apply this configuration snippet to the device console.

At your IT operations center, the Sky Enterprise administrator who manages your devices:

  1. Receives an account activation e-mail from Sky Enterprise after your order is placed.
  2. Receives your call with the device serial number and the name of the site where the device is installed.
  3. Creates a new device on Sky Enterprise.

    A configuration snippet is generated by Sky Enterprise.

  4. Sends an e-mail with the configuration snippet to you.
  5. (Optional) Associates your device with the Sky Enterprise site.