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CDR Process Overview


The CDR capability manages all CDR-based subscriber accounting for the purposes of billing. CDRs are forwarded to a charging gateway through an FTP server, or other transport method to a billing application.

Figure 13 shows the call detail record (CDR) accounting process.

Figure 13: CDR Accounting
CDR Accounting

The following steps take place after account provisioning and authentication:

  1. After it receives a RADIUS Access-Accept message, the Access Controller grants the subscriber access to the network, and sends a RADIUS Accounting-Start message to Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.

  2. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier passes the Accounting-Start message to the Call Detail Record (CDR) accounting engine (cdracct), and determines whether accounting requests have been previously received for the account.

  3. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier records fixed-fee, session, or partial CDRs to the accounting file system.

  4. The service provider periodically exports CDR billing information to a billing application.