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Types of Call Detail Records


Steel-Belted Radius Carrier can forward call detail records to a billing gateway when subscribers initiate and terminate sessions. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier can produce three types of CDRs:

  • Session CDRs—Generated at the end of each WLAN session. A session CDR records the length of time of the WLAN session and the number of bytes of data sent and received. Session CDRs can be generated during SIM authentication.

  • Partial CDRs—Generated periodically during a WLAN session either (a) after a specified amount of time has elapsed or (b) after a session has transferred a specified threshold quantity of data. A provider can specify how frequently a system generates a partial CDR by specifying time and volume (number of bytes) settings in the cdracct.acc file. After a partial CDR is generated for a subscriber session because a time or volume threshold is exceeded, both threshold triggers are reset to zero.

    Partial CDRs can be generated during SIM authentication. A provider can configure time and volume thresholds for SIM authentication.


The Acct-Termination-Cause attribute reports the cause or reason for the subscriber session termination. For more information on the Acct-Termination-Cause codes and the corresponding termination causes, refer the Standard RADIUS Accounting Attributes section in the SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide.