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blacklist.ini File


The blacklist.ini configuration file enables and configures blocklist settings. Only one profile can be created for the purposes of blocklisting, and any login attempt that matches that profile is blocked. An authentication request matches the blocklist profile if the attributes in the request match the check list attributes of the profile. The profile can contain multiple attributes, and if any of the attributes match those of the profile, the attempt is rejected.

The blacklist.ini file contains one configuration section called [Settings] (Table 53), which has the following settings:

Table 53: blacklist.ini Syntax




  • If set to 1, blocklisting is enabled.

  • If set to 0, blocklisting is disabled.

Default value is 0.


  • If set to 1, blocklisting is configured to include proxy requests, meaning that it is applied to all authentication requests.

  • If set to 0, blocklisting is configured only to local authentication requests.

Default value is 0.


Specifies the name of the blocklist profile in the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier database.

The following example enables the blocklist feature and specifies Steel-Belted Radius Carrier use the BlockedNumbers profile to filter authentication requests.

The BlockedNumbers profile called by this blacklist.ini file specifies check list attributes Steel-Belted Radius Carrier uses to reject authentication requests. The following entries in the BlockedNumbers profile identify Calling-Station-Id phone numbers used by rogue users you want to block.