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Configuring the SBRC Software on the SM Nodes


To configure the newly installed software on the SM nodes:

  1. Configure the first SM node. When the main configuration menu is displayed, enter 3 to configure the node.

  2. At the main menu, enter q to quit.

  3. To configure the second SM node, log in to the node as root and execute:


    If you previously made changes to the config.ini file for your installation, before configuring the second SM and D nodes, you need to copy the config.ini file from first SM node’s share folder path to the share folder on the other nodes (/opt/JNPRshare/install/junCluster).

    root@sbrha-3: /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/install ./configure

  4. Enter y to accept the terms of the license agreement.

  5. When the main menu displays, enter 3 to configure the node.

  6. Enter a to accept the configuration files.

  7. Enter y to make the changes to the node.

  8. Press Enter through the remaining questions to preserve the node configuration.

  9. When the main menu displays, enter q to quit.