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Using the SSR Configuration Script


When running the SSR configuration script, option 2. Generate Cluster Definition, always generates a 16-digit random number that is saved in dbcluster.dat as the CLUSTER_DEFAULT_KEY. Upon selecting configure script option 3. Configure Cluster Node, the following occurs:

  1. The CLUSTER_DEFAULT_KEY is used to configure spi.ini [Keys] if:

    • CurrentKey= has not already been configured.


    • The first key 1= has not already been configured.

  2. Any IP addresses previously specified for nodes in the cluster are added to the spi.ini [Hosts] section if they are not already present.


If you are migrating from an older spi.ini, then:

  1. It is likely that [Keys] have already been configured and it is up to you to maintain [Keys] in this case.

  2. Node IP addresses may still be added to [Hosts] but pre-existing (and possibly obsolete) addresses will not be removed.

    Also note that the IP addresses specified for nodes during cluster configuration are primarily intended for SSR as opposed to RADIUS-specific configuration. If RADIUS traffic utilizes different IP addresses from SSR traffic, then it is up to the user to maintain spi.ini [Hosts].