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Other Prerequisites to Install Signalware on a Linux Platform


The following are the prerequisites to install Signalware on a Linux platform:

  • Uninstall any operating system Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) packages before installing Signalware. For example, none of the following packages should be installed:

  • Copy the Signalware 9 license file to the /etc directory.

    • If you are migrating from an existing installation, you can use the existing Signalware 9 license as long as the license is applied on the same host (hostid).

    • To obtain a new license file for Signalware 9, contact your Juniper Networks representative.

  • Create a UNIX user account called siguser as a member of the users group.

  • Download Signalware packages to a temporary working directory or copy from a Signalware CD.

    • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or later, download “Signalware 9 SP6.v” (base package) and “Signalware 9 SP6.5” (upgrade).

  • Install the Signalware packages.

    • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or later, install the “Signalware 9 SP6.v” package first and then upgrade to “Signalware 9 SP6.5”.

  • To troubleshoot errors that might occur during the installation and configuration process, see Troubleshooting Signalware Installation and Configuration.