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Managing IP Pools


The script can be used to manage IP pools in SBR Carrier. You can add IP Pools to the SSR database by running this script as the hadm user. The script is available in the /opt/JNPRhadm/ directory.



Usage: [-h] [-i] [-y] [-p#] [-s] <batch file>, where <batch file> could be <PoolName> <Range Start IP> <Range End IP | count>.

The other variables used with the script are described as follows:

  • [-h]—Displays help.

  • [-i]—Ignores range conflicts.

  • [-y]—Answers yes to questions.

  • [-p#]—Uses # processes simultaneously for batch processing, where # represents the number of processes used.

  • [-s]—Installs the stored procedure used for cleaning the zombie pool (that is assigning IP from zombie pools to other pools).

  • [-u]—Cleans zombie sessions.


You can alternatively use the script to manage IP pools but it takes longer time to accomplish the task. For more information on, see the Administration and Configuration Guide.