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Supporting SIM, SIGTRAN, and Other Protocols with Signalware


Steel-Belted Radius Carrier nodes that support SIM depend on Signalware 9 with Service Pack 6.A software being properly installed on the server.

Also, if the EAP-AKA authentication protocol is used by the WiMAX mobility module, Signalware 9 with Service Pack 6.A is required.


We strongly recommend that Signalware software be installed and configured before Steel-Belted Radius Carrier is installed because the SBR Carrier installation incorporates Signalware settings, if they are available.

Juniper Networks provides an example Signalware installation with:

  • The correct settings for simple integration with Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.

  • The recommended procedures to configure Signalware 9 to support Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.

  • The recommended procedure for migrating configuration settings forward from an existing Signalware installation.

For details, see SIGTRAN Support for Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.


Because the Signalware communication stack is not supported on Solaris, the SIM authentication module cannot be used on the Solaris platform to communicate with an HLR to process RADIUS requests. However, the module can be used with an HSS by using the RADIUS to Diameter conversion feature.