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Loading the MML Configuration Settings


The files containing MML commands need to be loaded into Signalware. Enter an SWMML command for each .mml file that you created.

In the following example, three files are loaded into Signalware.

  • The links.mml file sets up the links, link sets, and routes.

  • The config_authgateway.mml file configures the authGateway application.

  • The start_authgateway.mml contains authGateway startup information.

These files do not exist and are used here as an example. You need to create your own files for accomplishing the tasks of creating links, configuring the authGateway application, and starting the authGateway application.



$ swmml -f links.mml

$ swmml -f config_authgateway.mml

$ swmml -f start_authgateway.mml


Signalware retains the MML configuration commands and uses the same configuration each time you start Signalware. To reconfigure the nodes, use the configureNodes command with the -f or -clean or -realclean options.