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Configuring Communication Files Overview


When configuring the communication pathways between Steel-Belted Radius Carrier and equipment in the SS7 network, you need to configure certain files based on your choices of the following:

  • Type of network equipment Steel-Belted Radius Carrier communicates with for processing authorization requests. (See Table 36 for information of which type of equipment is used.)

    • HLR

  • Type of network.

    • SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN)

Table 36: Network Equipment Used for Authorization

Action Needed to Process Access-Request

Network Equipment

Obtain SIM triplets


Obtain AKA quintets



Obtain IMSI (given the MSISDN)


Obtain MSISDN (given the IMSI)



If quintets are received but triplets are needed, then Steel-Belted Radius Carrier converts the quintets to triplets according to specification 3G TS 33.102, available at Remember to configure and support MAPv3.