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Determining the Server’s Centralized Configuration Management Role


Steel-Belted Radius Carrier software includes an optional feature called centralized configuration management (CCM). CCM coordinates Steel-Belted Radius Carrier server settings between a primary RADIUS server and one or more replica RADIUS servers. It copies critical configuration files from the primary to the replicas, so it keeps multiple SBR Carrier servers operating the same way.

Although we recommend CCM for multiserver installations, its use is optional. If necessary, an environment can contain any number of unique server configurations. A server that does not use CCM is an autonomous server. In a CCM group one server is the primary server and the others are replicas.

If you are installing in an environment that uses CCM, make sure that the primary server is fully functional before installing any replicas—the replica servers need to communicate with the primary server during installation and when they start to acquire updated configuration files.


In this context, primary and replica refer to CCM. Primary and replica are used in another context when the topic is data management within a Session State Register cluster. CCM is a separate tool and process independent of SSR, but it is often used in SSR environments to keep the SBR Carrier nodes operating identically.

For more information about CCM, see Configuring Replication in the SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide.

TIP: In the context of data management within a Session State Register cluster, these terms refer to the data that data nodes manage. For more information, see SSR Cluster Concepts and Terminology


If you are migrating from an earlier SBR release to Release 8.6.0, both servers must be the same CCM role. For example, a Release 6.1 primary server can be migrated forward to a Release 8.6.0 primary server. Or an autonomous server can be used to set up a new autonomous server. But cross-type migration is not supported.