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Setting Up IP Address Pools


Set up IP address pools for the SSR database from a cluster management node now.

The same basic concepts discussed in Administering Address Pools in the SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide apply to address pools maintained in the SSR database; however, the Web GUI is not used to maintain the pools in the SSR database.

In the SSR cluster, you set up and administer IP pools using a set of scripts discussed in the Session State Register Administration section of the SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide.

Best Practice

We recommend that each SBR Carrier node have its own emergency IP address range, a local pool of addresses that is not shared. If a failover situation takes the shared IP address pool offline, each SBR Carrier node can still function by defining and allocating addresses from its emergency pool. Make sure addresses in the emergency pool are not in the same range of addresses used by the shared SSR IP address pools.