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Starting and Stopping Signalware


To start the Signalware system manually, execute: /$OMNI_HOME/bin/go.omni.

To stop Signalware, execute: /$OMNI_HOME/bin/Terminate 0.

Configuring Signalware to Start Automatically on Reboot

Configuring Signalware to Start Automatically on Reboot

We recommend that you configure Signalware so that it restarts automatically when the system is rebooted. If you choose not to configure Signalware in this way, you need to restart Signalware with the go.omni command whenever the system reboots.

To configure Signalware to start automatically on reboot:

  1. Change to superuser mode.



  2. Copy the S91omni file as omni into the directory /etc/init.d. The S91omni file is located at radius/samples/SIM.

  3. Edit the omni file to change the SHM= line to specify the SHM value set during Signalware installation.


    SHM = 102

    To find your user ID (which is the same as the SHM), execute id at the prompt.

  4. Change the run permissions.


    $ chmod 755 omni

  5. Create links into the /etc/rc3.d directory.


    $ ln -s /etc/init.d/omni /etc/rc3.d/S91omni

  6. Make sure a subdirectory called Logs is in the directory where Signalware is installed. If necessary, create the Logs directory.