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Configuring Lawful-Intercept between SBR Carrier and ERX Device


During a lawful intercept request, the ERX device records the username as a case-sensitive string. SBR Carrier converts the username to an upper case format (all capitals) and saves it in the database. When a lawful intercept request is sent, the request is rejected by the ERX device because the username retrieved from the database is in upper case format.

To make the ERX device interoperate with SBR Carrier for lawful intercept, you need to configure the following procedures to retain the case sensitivity of the original username received from the ERX device:

  1. Create a duplicate entry in the radius.dic file for storing the Original-User-Name.


  2. Update the [AuthRequest] section of the sessionTable.ini file to map the username to the FunkOuterUserName attribute.


  3. Map the FunkOuterUserName attribute to the Original-User-Name in the dbc_mapping.xml file.


  4. Update the InterceptOn section in the deviceModels.xml file by setting the requiredAttribute as the Original-User-Name for the ERX device.Note

    In the case of InterceptOn, the following attributes need to be configured:

    • Original-User-Name

    • Acct-Session-Id

    • Unisphere-Med-Ip-Address

    • Unisphere-LI-Action

    In the case of InterceptOff, the following attributes need to be configured:

    • Acct-Session-Id

    • Unisphere-LI-Action

The following is a sample deviceModels.xml file for ERX device:


You must to restart SBR Carrier to make these changes into effect.