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Shortcut Arguments


Shortcut arguments are a quick way to express commands. They are equivalent to certain request arguments.





Table 111 describes the functions of each shortcut argument.

Table 111: Shortcut Arguments

Shortcut Argument

Equivalent to



-u username

-a User-Name -v username

Username in the session data

-u "f*"


-u fred


-a NAS-Identifier -v NASID

Identifier required by the controlled device

-n Nas1A

-i sessionid

-a Acct-Session-Id -v sessionid

Accounting session ID used in the CST

-i Session8

-fsh FSH

-a Funk-Session-Handle -vFSH

Internal session handle returned from a previous query against the CST, used to select a specific session in the CST

-fsh 42A0BA6500000002

-calling callID

-a Calling-Station-ID -v callID

Station identifier (usually a telephone number or MAC address) of the user

-calling ID 6175551234

-called callID

-a Called-Station-ID -v callID

Station identifier of the NAS (the telephone number dialed by the user or the MAC address of the NAS)

-called ID 6175551234

Disconnect Example with Shortcut

Disconnect Example with Shortcut

Disconnect the session that has a session ID of 6789.