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Adding a Filter


To add a filter using the Web GUI:

  1. Select RADIUS Configuration > Filters.

    The Filters List page (Figure 71) appears.

    Figure 71: Filters List Page
    Filters List Page
  2. Click Add.

    The Create Filter pane (Figure 72) appears.

    Figure 72: Create Filter Pane
    Create Filter Pane
  3. Enter a name for the filter in the Name field.
  4. Optionally, enter a description for the filter in the Description field.
  5. Select the Allow or Exclude option button to specify whether to allow or exclude attributes if no other rule applies to a RADIUS packet.
  6. Click Add in the Rules area.

    The Add Rule dialog box (Figure 73) appears.

    Figure 73: Add Rule Dialog
    Add Rule Dialog
  7. Select the type of rule you want to add to the filter.

    Options are Add, Allow, Exclude, Replace, Allow Unknown, Exclude Unknown, and Script. The fields in the Add Rule dialog box may change depending on the option you select. Figure 74 shows a sample Add Rule dialog box for the Add option.

    Figure 74: Sample Add Rule Dialog
    Sample Add Rule Dialog
  8. Specify the attribute name and value settings you want to use for the rule.Note

    If you edit the filters for a SBR Carrier server, you can apply your configuration changes without stopping the server by issuing the SIGHUP (1) signal to the SBR Carrier process:

  9. Click OK.

    The Rules area in the Create Filter pane (Figure 72) displays the updated lists of selected rules.

    You can modify the rule list by using the Edit and Delete buttons. You can reorder the rules by selecting each rule and using the Up or Down arrows.

  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 to add more rules to the filter.
  11. Click Save to save the filter configuration.

    The Filters List page (Figure 71) displays an updated list of filter entries.