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Order of Authentication Methods


When SBR Carrier receives an access request, it attempts to authenticate the request by sequentially trying its configured and enabled authentication methods. The order in which the server tries to authenticate the request is configured in the Authentication Methods page (Figure 78) in Web GUI.

After you configure authentication methods for SBR Carrier, the Authentication Methods page displays them in the order in which the server tries them. The Authentication Methods page displays both active and inactive authentication methods. During an authentication transaction, the server works down the list of Active Authentication Methods. You can activate or deactivate methods, or reorder methods in the list by using the controls in the Authentication Methods page.

Any EAP methods you want included in an authentication policy must be configured and enabled before adding them to the authentication policy. See Setting Up EAP Methods.

With the example configuration shown in Figure 78, the server attempts to process an Access-Request by trying the authentication methods in the following order:

  1. LDAP

  2. Native User

  3. Unix User

  4. Unix Group


The default configuration for SBR Carrier does not include any EAP methods.

To view the current order that SBR Carrier is using to authenticate requests using the Web GUI, select RADIUS Configuration > Authentication Policies > Order of Methods. The Authentication Methods page (Figure 78) appears. If an EAP method is configured and added to an authentication policy, it is listed under the Active Authentication Methods area.

Figure 78: Authentication Methods Page
Methods Page
  • To activate or deactivate an authentication method, select the method and click the Right or Left arrow. To activate or deactivate all authentication method, click or to move all the methods to the corresponding area.

    You can also activate or deactivate an authentication method by dragging the method to the right or left.

  • To change the order in which the server tries authentication methods, select each authentication method and click the Up or Down arrow until the authentication methods are in the desired order.

  • Click Save to save the changes. To revert to the previous settings, click Reset.

For more information about adding or deleting an authentication method, see the SBR Carrier Reference Guide.


When you make changes to the Authentication Methods page, the SBR Carrier audit log does not record specific information about the performed actions.