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LDAP Configuration Interface File


Use the radius.ini file to establish settings for the LCI (Table 59). For more information about radius.ini, see the SBR Carrier Reference Guide.

Table 59: LDAP Configuration Interface File

File Name



Specifies whether the LCI is enabled, the port used for LCI communication, and the interfaces on which Steel-Belted Radius Carrier listens for LCI requests.


While running the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier configuration script, the following information is gathered and the corresponding parameters in the radius.ini file are populated:

  • The LCI status (enabled or disabled).

  • The LDAP TCP port number that is used for communication between Steel-Belted Radius Carrier and the LDAP client.

  • The interface addresses on which LCI should be enabled.

  • LCI password.

For more information about running the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier configuration script, see the Running the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Configure Script section in the SBR Carrier Installation Guide.