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Optional Session Control Module


The optional Session Control module enables you to make changes to active subscriber sessions without requiring the network access server (NAS) to initiate the change. For example, you may want to terminate an active user’s session by issuing a Disconnect Message (DM) request to the NAS, or you may want to modify the authorization level of an active user’s session issuing a Change of Authorization (CoA) request to the NAS. For example, as a service provider, you may be required to provide legal organizations with voice and data intercept capabilities as mandated by law. These might include access to private communications between organizations or individuals such as phone calls, email, VoIP, or instant messaging. These legal intercept capabilities can be performed by issuing a CoA request.

Using the Session Control module, you can customize the CoA/DM requests you want to support in your network. This powerful capability allows you to define actions that can be invoked on active sessions such as disconnecting an active session, increasing the bandwidth of an active session, or any other action you want to define.

You can control sessions using Web GUI, a command line utility, or you can develop your own client management application to interface with the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier CoA/DM XML interface.

For more information, see Overview of the Optional Session Control Module.