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Routing Rule Statistics


SBR Carrier collects and displays hit and success counts for each routing rule defined in the server (implicit, explicit and default).

To display the statistics for a routing rule:

  1. Select Diameter Configuration > Statistics > Routing Rules.

    The Diameter Routing Rule Statistics page (Figure 188) appears.

    Figure 188: Diameter Routing Rules Statistics Page
Routing Rules Statistics Page
  2. Select the routing rule entry for which you want to display statistics from the Rule list.

    The Diameter Routing Rule Statistics page (Figure 188) displays statistics for the selected routing rule.

    Table 47 lists routing rule statistics.

    Table 47: Routing Rule Statistics




    Total number of times the routing rule has been selected to route a request.


    Total number of operations that completed successfully as a result of selecting the rule.

  3. Optionally, select the Auto Refresh (seconds) check box and select a time period for refreshing the display from the drop-down list. Default value is 5 seconds.

    By default, the auto-refresh feature is disabled.

    You can click the Refresh button to refresh the display.