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About RADIUS Location Groups


RADIUS location groups allow you to assign an attribute profile to a user based on the network access server through which the user is connecting to your network. You can specify that users must use only the attributes specified in the profile associated with the location group, or you can specify that attributes from the NAD profile are merged with attributes from the user’s profile.

To simplify administration of RADIUS client profiles, you can associate profiles with location groups and then associate location groups with RADIUS clients.

If you set the AddFunkLocationGroupIdToRequest parameter in the [Configuration] section of the radius.ini file to 1 (AddFunkLocationGroupIdToRequest = 1), if an inbound RADIUS authentication or accounting request is matched to a location group, then a Funk-Location-Group-Id attribute with a value set to the name of the location group is added to the RADIUS request. You can then use the location group name associated with the RADIUS client for SQL, LDAP, and check list attribute processing.


The location group name is case-sensitive. If you create a location group called LOC1 and then assign a user a profile with a check list attribute called Loc1, the user is rejected.