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Local Administrator or Group Overview


You can grant or revoke the right to use the Web GUI to configure a SBR Carrier server. Each time you log in to a SBR Carrier server, Web GUI prompts you to authenticate yourself by entering a native OS user account and password.

During initial configuration of SBR Carrier, an initial SBR administrator account is selected. The default account is the user who executes the configure script, typically the root user. The account has the right to use the Web GUI at its default (full) level of access. Although a UNIX group can be assigned administrator privileges that extend to all group members, there is no default group.


Be selective when adding administrator accounts. More than one SBR Carrier administrator software account can be active at any one time, to support multiple users. But you cannot prevent simultaneous access to the same screen and settings, so one administrator can change or undo another administrator’s work.