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Recovering a Replica After a Failed Configuration Package Download


If a replica server fails during the download of a configuration package, its configuration may be corrupted or it may have a stale secret.

To recover after a failed download:

  1. Stop the RADIUS service on the replica server.

  2. Log in to the replica server as root.

  3. Navigate to: /opt/JNPRsbr/radius or the directory where SBR is installed.

  4. Run the sbrsetuptool utility with the identity option and information about where to download configuration information.

    To obtain configuration from a configuration package, issue the following command:

    # sbrsetuptool -identity REPLICA -radpath pathname

    Where pathname specifies the path to a replica.ccmpkg package.

    To obtain configuration from the primary server for the realm, issue the following command:

    # sbrsetuptool -identity REPLICA -primary name address secret

    Where name specifies the DNS name of the primary server, address specifies the IP address of the primary server, and secret specifies the shared secret used to authenticate configuration downloads.

  5. Restart the updated replica server so that it can load the latest published configuration from the primary server.

    After the replica server is restarted, it re-synchronizes with the current primary server.