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XML Statement Construction


Your XML client management application must construct CoA/DM client requests in the proper XML format, and must be capable of handling the XML client responses sent to it. The schemas for both the client request and client response are detailed in the following sections.

For client requests, all attributes sent over this interface are directly specified in XML. The CoA/DM action to be carried out (disconnect, lawful intercept, or whatever action you decide to design and specify in the deviceModels.xml file) is also specified in XML (for example<request action=disconnect>).

The client response XML is very verbose and includes all of the following (the XML element name is shown in ( ):

  • The request that was sent (clientRequest)

  • One or more sessions that were matched by the query (sessionData)

  • The request, as customized for each session (sessionRequest)

  • One or more CoA or DM messages (if any) that were sent to devices (deviceRequest)

  • Any responses received for those device requests (deviceResponse)

  • The resulting per-session response to the request (sessionResponse)

  • In the event of a failure to emit a request because of missing data, the specification of which attributes is required in order to emit the request (deviceRequestSpec) various result codes

In the following sections, refer to for documentation of the XML schema language.