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Attribute Filter Script Functions


Attribute filter scripts can execute any standard JavaScript statements and functions. Additionally, attribute filter scripts use the AttributeFilter API to perform filter-specific operations. You must instantiate a new AttributeFilter object instance and then use it to invoke these methods, such as:

These six AttributeFilter methods are provided:

  • new AttributeFilter()—Creates a new AttributeFilter object instance.

  • Get()—Gets the value of an attribute from the request or response packet.

  • Add()—Adds a new attribute value to the request or response packet.

  • Reset()—Deletes one or all values of an attribute.

  • Replace()—Deletes the value of an attribute and replaces it with a new value.

  • Execute()—Executes a static attribute filter.


    Do not use the Execute() method to invoke a scripted attribute filter; a runtime error occurs.

Attribute filter scripts can also execute any of the methods of the DataAccessor class.

For more details about the AttributeFilter functions and methods, see AttributeFilter Object.