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Setting Up Smart Static Accounting


The proxyrl.ini file supports a feature called smart static accounting, which allows you to specify that the accounting packets for a proxy or directed realm should be forwarded to a list of one or more proxy or directed realms. These groups of realms can also be used for static accounting configured in proxy.ini.

This file consists of a number of sections that you name. Each section name is referenced in the StaticAcctRealms field in the [Acct] section of a .pro or .dir file. Following the section name, you can list a number of proxy realm names, in the following format:

For example:


To avoid an infinite loop, the list of static accounting servers must not include realms that use the list. If you include a realm in a list of static accounting servers and specified the same realm in proxy.ini as doing static accounting, the realm receives duplicate accounting packets.


When you configure the .pro file, you must ensure at least one system is referenced in the TargetsSection.