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JavaScript Types


JavaScript types are not defined explicitly. Variable data can be any of these types:

  • Integer

  • Floating point

  • Boolean

  • String

  • Array of one of the previous types

  • Object

Script developers can use the full capabilities of the JavaScript language, such as defining new object types and storing data in arrays. However, the AttributeFilter, RealmSelector, and DataAccessor APIs use simple JavaScript types, and there is no support in the scripting API for structured IP address or time value types.

Steel-Belted Radius Carrier data types are represented in JavaScript variables as follows:

  • Signed and unsigned integers are stored as JavaScript integers.

  • Binary objects (HEXSTRINGs) are stored as hexadecimal coded JavaScript strings.

  • Other data types (IP address types and times) are converted to formatted JavaScript strings.


    The Steel-Belted Radius Carrier scripting API does not support binary conversion of attributes or data accessor variable values from or to unformatted binary strings.