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XML over HTTPS Interface Overview


Steel-Belted Radius Carrier includes an application programming interface (API), which is a proprietary XML client request and response interface that runs over an HTTPS connection (HTTP over TLS). The protocol used for this interface is mirrored on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), though it is not identical to it. The Web GUI and command line utility ( management clients interact with this interface when issuing CoA/DM client requests, and when receiving CoA/DM client responses. The connection for XML client requests over HTTPS to the session control module need to be made to https://<server-address>:1814/scs/request.

If you choose to develop your own management client to issue CoA/DM actions, all client requests must be in the XML format specified in Client Request Schema Example. In addition, your client management application must be capable of handling client responses from Steel-Belted Radius Carrier in the XML format specified in Client Response Schema Example. Refer to Overview of the Optional Session Control Module for a discussion on how Steel-Belted Radius Carrier processes CoA/DM requests.

Transport Protocol

Transport Protocol

This proprietary XML request/response interface runs over an HTTPS connection (HTTP over TLS). Most languages (Java, perl, and the like) have a free HTTPS client that can be used for the management client. The SBR Carrier HTTPS implementation is fully compliant with HTTP 1.1