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Command Line Utility Overview


A command line utility is available for managing and controlling sessions in Steel-Belted Radius Carrier. By default, you can use the command line utility to perform actions such as query, view, and delete. If you have purchased the optional Session Control module license, you can use the command line utility to issue CoA/DM client requests (actions).

The command line utility is useful if you want to run a command quickly. You can run commands in batch mode at night or in off hours. For example, you might create a set of batch files to periodically find all the sessions on a server so that you can later review the server activity.


The command line utility is designed only to be used to manage and control sessions, not as a primary management interface.

You can use the command line utility to administer CoA/DM functions locally (on the server running Steel-Belted Radius Carrier) or remotely (on another computer that has a network connection to the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier server).

Starting the Command Line Utility

Starting the Command Line Utility

To start the command line utility:

  1. Go to the directory in which you installed the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier software.

  2. From this directory, type



Using Command Line Arguments

Using Command Line Arguments

Table 107 lists the types of arguments used by the command line utility. Each of these types of arguments is discussed in the following sections.

Table 107: Types of Command Line Arguments

Argument Type


Access Control

Control security between the server and the client.


Indicate the type of action you want to execute and the attributes that need to be specified.


Abbreviated way to indicate attributes.