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Abbreviated Table of Contents

About This Guide
Product Overview
Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Overview
Web GUI Overview
Using Web GUI
RADIUS Operations
Administering RADIUS Clients and Client Groups
Administering RADIUS Location Groups
Administering Users
Administering Profiles
Administering Proxy RADIUS
Administering RADIUS Tunnels
Administering Address Pools
Setting Up Administrator Accounts
Configuring Realm Support
Setting Up Filters
Setting Up Authentication Policies
Setting Up EAP Methods
Configuring Replication
3GPP Support
Diameter Operations
Diameter Basics
Administering the Local Network Element
Administering Diameter Remote Network Elements
Administering the Diameter Policy
Administering Request Routing Rules
Displaying Diameter Statistics
Back-End Authentication and Accounting Methods
Configuring SQL Authentication
Configuring SQL Accounting
Configuring LDAP Authentication
Signalware SIGTRAN Gateway Support
Proxy RADIUS Authentication and Accounting
HSS-Subscriber Database
Management Interfaces
Simple Network Management Protocol
Using the LDAP Configuration Interface
Optional Authentication Modules
SIM Authentication Module
Summary of Configuration Tasks for the SIM Authentication Module
SIM Authentication Module Configuration with a SIGHUP (1) Signal
Overview of the WiMAX Mobility Module
Configuring the WiMAX Mobility Module
Optional Session State Register (High Availability) Module for a Clustered Environment
Session State Register Overview
Session State Register Administration
Optional Concurrency Module
Managing User Concurrency with Session State Register
Managing Concurrency with Attributes in Session State Register
Managing and Controlling Sessions
Introduction to Managing and Controlling Sessions in SBR Carrier
Overview of the Optional Session Control Module
Using Web GUI to Manage and Control Sessions
Using the Command Line Utility to Manage and Control Sessions
Configuring the deviceModels.xml File
XML over HTTPS Interface
Example CoA/DM Configuration
Statistics and Reporting
Displaying Statistics
Logging and Reporting
Optional Scripting Module
Introduction to Scripting
Creating Scripts
Debugging Scripts
Creating LDAP Scripts
Creating Realm Selection Scripts
Creating Attribute Filter Scripts
Working with Data Accessors
Script Reference
When and How to Stop and Restart Steel-Belted Radius Carrier
Authentication Protocols
Importing and Exporting Data
Technical Bulletins Script
Thread and Flood Control Mechanism